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Updated: Jun 2, 2020


Hi Friends!

Welcome back! I hope you've enjoyed yourself so far during this series. If you've missed the last few posts, Keeping the Fire Burning or The Big O, click on the links to catch up.

In keeping with our theme, this week I'm talking all about you ladies and the power you hold in between your legs, and it's bigger than you think!

As I've mentioned before in previous post, men are visual creatures. What they see with their eyes travels straight to a place in their brains and gets filed away for later use. This happens without them even knowing it. Men are wired differently than us women.There is an entire book written about it by Brian Bohrer called Eye-Wired Men. I recommend getting a copy.

James (1:14)- But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

While women are enticed by kind words and cuddling, men are motivated more by what their eyes see and their imaginations. This can be a good thing within marriage but a bad thing outside of marriage. A little skin goes a long way- especially for an unsatisfied man. It's very important that we strive to help our husbands in this area and also not be a hindrance to other men by how much we allow them to see of us. A good rule of thumb is to keep it clean and covered in public and get naked and naughty in the bedroom!

So, the first step in understanding your power over men, especially your husband, is knowing that all men fantasize about what they see. There are many things you can do to be a help to him in this area including what we've already talked about in previous posts like sending fun pictures, wearing sexy lingerie, and having sex with the lights on. Your man will replay and revisit your sexual encounters long after they happen, so make them as exciting and visually stimulating as you can. Be a vixen. Tease your man until he squirms. You want to be sure to be the dominant image in his brain.

You see, your husband is bombarded on a daily basis with many images on TV, his phone, or the cute young girl bending over in front of him at the grocery store. And make no mistake about it, those images get filed away in his brain too. Do you know why? Because the women on the TV or the phone and even the young girl all carry the same power that you do that causes men to go weak. The female body is like Kryptonite for a man. Christian men are aware of this fight between what God wants and their bodies crave. And as a christian wife you have the power to help your man live a clean life by keeping him satisfied sexually.

Ladies, you hold the power to rule the world right in between your legs! Your lady parts have taken down kingdoms and presidency. Even many great men in the Bible fell into the "V" trap. Consider King David. The Bible calls him a man after God's own heart. He was a great king and man of God, but like all men he was rendered powerless at the sight of Bathsheba's naked body dripping with water under the moonlight. First off, what was she doing bathing on the roof? I mean come on. Anyway, also Samson was stripped of his powers by Delilah when she cut his hair after much deception on her part. Anyone else see that coming? Sure you did, because men can be ridiculously ignorant when women are involved. And who can forget Solomon? Whom is considered the wisest man to ever live. Can you guess what happened to him? Yep...a woman or women led him astray.

Now that you see what you hold in your arsenal, be sure to use it wisely. Don't use your superpowers to manipulate your husband or entice other man to get what you want. Use them to give your husband what he craves- a great sex life. Remember what uncle Ben said in Spider-Man, "With great power come great responsibility."

My point is ladies, that your vagina is like a flipping nuclear weapon you can use it to keep the peace or destroy lives. So, use it responsibly within marriage and never, I repeat- never deny its power.

Happy reading- until next week-



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