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Surviving Marriage

Hi friends! I'm finishing out this months blog series from my book, If I'm Being Honest, with the final chapter of the book which is aptly titled- Happily Ever After.

If you haven't read the other posts, I encourage you to stop by my blog and check them out. My prayer is that, if nothing else, my words make you think. I want each and every one of you to know that it is never too late to save your marriage. But more than anything, I pray that this post will reach you before you do something that you will regret. I pray that you will take your marriage and all of your problems and lay them on the altar of God. He is in the business of fixing things. It is God's desire that we not only stay married, but He wants us to be happy.

Happy reading!

CHAPTER 7 Happily Ever After

It really is not that hard y’all but it’s not easy either. I only wish I had known how to protect my marriage before I gave up and had an affair. Although I regret it to the core, still part of me is grateful for the marriage I have now, as a result of the affair. For us, it took going through this horrible, life changing experience to finally see what we had. My hope is that through this book your eyes will be opened and you will have a better grasp on your marriage. Whether you have already had an affair or you are beginning to play with fire, I desire for this book to change the way you think about your marriage. I feigned for a book like this at the time of my affair. I went into Christian bookstores and searched online for something that I could relate to. Not to belittle any other book but most of them that I found on marriage were so preachy. They were full of good advice and lots of scripture but not in a way that spoke to me. Their advice seemed unattainable. Either they were way too holy or not relatable. I’m a country girl remember. I love how Jesus taught. He used parables to help the people to understand. He used stories about fishing and farming because that was something the people understood. I am a woman so I know what it feels like to have PMS and crazy emotions. I know what it feels like to live in a house with a man that is less than affectionate. I know what it feels like to be in an unhappy marriage. I know what it feels like to have an affair. And I know what it feels like to suffer in the wake of the destruction that it causes. I know what it feels like to be a prodigal spouse and to have all of the people that you thought cared about you turn their backs on you. To have family that all of a sudden don’t consider you family anymore. But I also know what it feels like to experience the forgiveness and love that only God can give. I know that peace and joy can not only be restored back into your own heart but into the hearts of your spouse and family.

An affair does not only affect the two individuals involved, it is a far reaching and destructive force to many. But God is the God of restoration. He can reach into the hearts of all those involved and heal the wounds that your affair creates. His word says he heals the broken hearted. I just love that. I’m not implying that this is a simple task. I am only offering practical advice that will improve any marriage relationship. If you are reading this as a precaution, way to go! If you have already fallen into an affair, be prepared, this won’t be easy, but with God, it can be done. Your marriage can not only survive but thrive. God will not only bring you back together but, if you let him, he will make your union stronger than ever before. Take my advice, He truly does love you. He is not mad at you or disappointed in you. He only wants what is best for you and is waiting with open arms to receive you. He sent his only son to die for you because he knew you would mess up, he knew you could never live right without him. When he looks at you remember he doesn’t see an adulterer he sees his child, his precious possession and he is saying to you today, “I love you and I forgive you.” Now forgive yourself and let God begin to fix what you have broken. You truly can live happily ever after.

I hope you enjoyed reading a portion of my book, If I'm Being Honest. I'd love to hear your stories of how you make your marriage work. As always, trust God, and He will work it out.